[Biturbos4] Bad Alignment?

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Wed Dec 5 08:55:54 PST 2007

I would look at the actual alignment specs to which the car was done -
just so you know - they should have given them to you.  Maybe check tire
pressures?  Pay real close attention for any looseness in the front
suspension - maybe a control arm is shot also, or something did not get


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The roads here in Eastern Washington are definately not in the best
shape with people running studs for 4-6 months a year.
I just dont remember the steering being so touchy over the rough roads,
I have to hold the steering wheel firmly to stay going straight - and
then on the smooth roads it runs straight and easy...
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Adam> That doesn't sound like an alignment issue - "sharply veering"? 
Adam> Sounds like something is not installed correctly (like: 
Adam> loose/broken) ... or are you driving on those annoying corduroy 
Adam> road surfaces that can cause you to dart and veer slightly?> > 
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Adam> > > I just replaced my tie rod ends and left rear wheel bearing 
Adam> and took the car to Les Schwab (because they are two miles away)> 
Adam> > Now I haven't driven the car in a couple months, so I cant be 
Adam> sure, but the steering seems really squirelly... The steering 
Adam> wheel with drive straight the then sharply veer to the left or 
Adam> right. Granted the roads around here are not the best, but I dont 
Adam> remember having to fight the steering wheel!
 like that...> > Is it possible they didn't set the camber or toe in
correctly? What *SHOULD* be the correct alignment numbers? Any
experience with this?> > Thanks> Adam> Spokane, WA> > >
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