[Biturbos4] Lucas calipers

Joel Liggins quickaudi at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 17:42:04 PST 2007

How different are they from US spec calipers? If they are the same then remove the outer clips, push the piston in and remove pads. Oh and take the cap off of the fluid reservoir.
New ones probably have anti-rattle spring.


-----Original Message-----
 Car is ?99 UK S4 with lucas front calipers. Can any
one tell me how to dismantle to fit the new pads? Do I
just undo the guide pins or does the whole assembly
have to come off?

Also, the old outer pads are stuck to the caliper with
glue of some sort, the new ones have a sort of
laminated lump of metal with a spring clip attached.
The look like they will be ok but confirmation would
be nice


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