[Biturbos4] Lucas calipers

Richard van der Hoff richard at rvanderhoff.org.uk
Mon Dec 17 04:23:39 PST 2007

[1999 S4]

Joel Liggins wrote:
> How different are they from US spec calipers? If they are the same then remove the outer clips, push the piston in and remove pads. Oh and take the cap off of the fluid reservoir.

There's a couple of bolts lurking around the back somewhere. Hard to 
find initially, but vaguely obvious once you put your hand round the 
back and see what's going on. You undo them (they're well torqued-up) 
and the caliper comes apart. You *don't* undo the guide pins. There's 
some sort of brake hose bracket you have to take off to get to one of 
the bolts iirc...

Sorry that was all rather vague. If that doesn't help, shout and I'll 
dig out the manual...


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