[Biturbos4] Brake pad recommendation?

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Mon Feb 19 20:01:27 EST 2007

j.koenig writes:
> For what it's worth, I last installed some EPC "Green Stuff" pads, which seemed 
> appropriate for my use (same as yours).  I found them to be a little grabby for otherwise 
> gentle brake applications when cold.  Makes me think that one wants a pad of perhaps 
> higher quality and designed to produce less dust, but that the high-temperature 
> capabilities can actually work against you.
> Disclaimer: the problem may also have been related to warped brake rotors, which I've just 
> replaced.  I can't say for sure whether that fixed the grabbiness, or whether I've just 
> adapted to it!

Thanks for the note.  I had ordered EPC green stuff a couple of days ago
and will report back about how it works for me.


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