[Biturbos4] Welcome to Me!!!

Jason Cavaliere jcavaliere1 at verizon.net
Mon Feb 19 19:45:39 EST 2007

Hi everyone.  I'm so excited, I just purchased a 2000 S4, dark blue, black
leather interior, 52k miles, 6 speed!  I've been looking for a long time and
finally found what I'm looking for!


My other car is a 1981 911.  A very different machine, much more raw and
agile, but doesn't have any comforts and would be tough to carry my 15month
old girl in.it doesn't even have a/c!!   I was a member of the 911 list at
rennlist.com and I thought it was an excellent resource.  Great group of
people and I learned a ton about my car and how to modify it, what worked
and what didn't.  I hopefully helped along some newbies as well!


I was hoping to ask a few basic questions.  I looked through the knowledge
base and didn't really find what I was looking for.  If I missed it, please
point me to a link .  I don't want to waste everyone's time and bandwidth.


The first area I want to address is the suspension.  It has 52k miles, I
doubt anything was done to it.  Its not too soft, but a touch floaty at 90
or so.  I'd like something firmer than stock, but not THAT much firmer.  I
plan to keep the car for a very long time (I fell being overly firm will
cause the chassis to weaken that much faster.).


Any thoughts on upgrading the suspension?  For now I'd just stay with
springs/struts (shocks), and maybe experiment with strut tower braces at
some other point (unless people feel very strongly another way.)


I'm really looking forward to owning this car.  This weekend I'm planning my
first road trip!




1981 911 Targa euro

2000 Audi S4



p.s.  I did just order a new K&N filter...figured the old one is probably a
touch clogged  :-)

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