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Jason Cavaliere jcavaliere1 at verizon.net
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Thanks for the advice, I'd like to take care of the potential problem areas
you mentioned below.

Anyone have anmy recommendations for a good wrench in or around NYC??
Obvioulsy looking for someone trustworthy who knows what they are doing and
maybe a 'touch' cheaper than the dealer?  Plus I don't trust dealerships

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I imagine we are in similar boats.   You bought the S4 as a street 
machine, and you have some other 2 door car that you view as "the sports 
car."   The Sports car gets used for those  more  aggressive days,  perhaps 
on a track if the opportunity permits.  The S4 is a 4 door daily. no 
slouch, but still a daily.

in any event, if you wish to adjust he suspension, the bilstien/HR combo 
is often recommended.  If you want to go coil-overs, Stassis is 
recommended.   My S4 currently has the KW Coil-overs installed... using 
a KW "A6" spring up front and a KW "A4" spring in the rear. They  give a 
street ride, and definitely not what i would want at the track...  but then
a track 
setup would be very aggressive.  the Stassis owners  seem to do more to 
their S4 than I intend to.

Some of us upgrade the rear sway bar.  the neuspeed is popular, I have 
one of those.  it has two settings.

I use the Axxis ultimate pads for stopping.  they work well enough for a 
street setup but are dusty as can be.  (well, not hawk blue dusty, but 
definitely dusty!)

Read up on torn throttle body boots and F hose problems with the 2000. 
You may elect to just replace those with Samco hose parts and avoid the 
headache before it even shows itself.  I have the samco parts on my car 
and they've been reliable.   Next have a look at those diverter valves. 
they're next to be replaced.  search around the audiworld site to see 
which ones you'd like to use as replacements.

Dump some fuel injector cleaner in the  gas to avoid misfire conditions. 
Finally, you may wish to reconsider  that K&N filter.  I don't recommend 
them, others will disagree.  Your '81 911 does not have a MAF sensor, and 
a K&N probably works well in this situation.   A  MAF sensor sits along 
the intake path after the airbox and can pick up  oils from that trusty 
K&N.  Those oils  can eventually damage the ability  for this sensor to 
read air flow  data and as  such, the computer may  become irritable and 
can even through  your car into what we call limp  mode.   This 
effectively prevents any signifigant boost from being 
generated in order to "protect" your engine.   The car will accelerate, 
but very slowly in this mode.

00 s4 biturbo
94 rx7 twinturbo

On Mon, 19 Feb 2007, Jason Cavaliere wrote:

> Hi everyone.  I'm so excited, I just purchased a 2000 S4, dark blue, black
> leather interior, 52k miles, 6 speed!  I've been looking for a long time
> finally found what I'm looking for!
> My other car is a 1981 911.  A very different machine, much more raw and
> agile, but doesn't have any comforts and would be tough to carry my
> old girl in.it doesn't even have a/c!!   I was a member of the 911 list at
> rennlist.com and I thought it was an excellent resource.  Great group of
> people and I learned a ton about my car and how to modify it, what worked
> and what didn't.  I hopefully helped along some newbies as well!
> I was hoping to ask a few basic questions.  I looked through the knowledge
> base and didn't really find what I was looking for.  If I missed it,
> point me to a link .  I don't want to waste everyone's time and bandwidth.
> The first area I want to address is the suspension.  It has 52k miles, I
> doubt anything was done to it.  Its not too soft, but a touch floaty at 90
> or so.  I'd like something firmer than stock, but not THAT much firmer.  I
> plan to keep the car for a very long time (I fell being overly firm will
> cause the chassis to weaken that much faster.).
> Any thoughts on upgrading the suspension?  For now I'd just stay with
> springs/struts (shocks), and maybe experiment with strut tower braces at
> some other point (unless people feel very strongly another way.)
> I'm really looking forward to owning this car.  This weekend I'm planning
> first road trip!
> Cheers-
> Jason
> 1981 911 Targa euro
> 2000 Audi S4
> p.s.  I did just order a new K&N filter...figured the old one is probably
> touch clogged  :-)
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