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Thu Feb 22 09:33:27 EST 2007

Jason, I'm with Wilson -- avoid the K&N.  Your concept of driving to "get the oil off" 
still delivers it into the intake path.  The only 'remedy' is to clean or possibly replace 
the contaminated (and expensive) MAF sensor.  Not worth the the hassle for the *claimed* 
(and dubious) horsepower increase.  You'd be better off just replacing your OE filter more 
often if you're concerned about restriction.

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Thanks Wilson.  What is the remedy for that 'limp' mode?  If its not too
great, I think I'd risk the K&N, and let it seat in with some moderate
driving to get the oil off, no?

You are correct on the 911, visceral is the perfect word.  I'm hoping the S4
will give me enough excitement when I leave the 911 at home!!

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Dump some fuel injector cleaner in the  gas to avoid misfire conditions.
Finally, you may wish to reconsider  that K&N filter.  I don't recommend
them, others will disagree.  Your '81 911 does not have a MAF sensor, and
a K&N probably works well in this situation.   A  MAF sensor sits along
the intake path after the airbox and can pick up  oils from that trusty
K&N.  Those oils  can eventually damage the ability  for this sensor to
read air flow  data and as  such, the computer may  become irritable and
can even through  your car into what we call limp  mode.   This
effectively prevents any signifigant boost from being
generated in order to "protect" your engine.   The car will accelerate,
but very slowly in this mode.


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