[Biturbos4] Hesitation...Check OBD light

Jason Cavaliere jcavaliere1 at verizon.net
Sun Jul 22 17:05:53 EDT 2007

Hello everyone.

My wife and I just got back from a 250 mile road trip, and at the very end,
the check OBD light went on.  On the trip, I had been noticing the car
hesitating (feeling like power was going 'on' and 'off) around 4k rpm, only
under very light load.  Light load meaning keeping a constant speed up a
small incline.  It felt like I was taking my foot on and off the gas pedal.

I don't know if the two symptoms are related, and I remember this hesitation
before this road trip.  I remember it after I put an OCT chip in the car,
but I faintly recall it before the chip (I only drove the car a few hundred
miles before I chipped it).

Also, I've noticed some belt noise towards the front of the car, louder when
the car is cold, but still present when car is warm. The car has 58k miles,
milltek exhaust, K&N filter, and OCT chip.  

Any ideas? Been there done that?

I'd love to be able to check the OBD codes myself...

00 S4
81 911

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