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It is VERY easy to open up the computer module located under the hood right in front of the driver.  See where the battery is?  The computer is located in a sealed plastic box to the driver's side of that subcompartment.  I get to it by standing on the drivers side of the engine compartment and peeling back that rubber gasket that runs the width of the engine compartment (directly to the right and slightly above the windshield washer reservoir and coolant reservoir) - it is not necessary to remove it totally.  Peeling back the gasket lets you lift the flimsy plastic cover to reveal the computer's sealed box.  The hood lifting strut will be slightly in your way - but you can work around it. You'll need a 10mm socket to remove four screws holding that box closed.  Open the box, remove the lid completely and reveal a much smaller shiny steel box being held down by a spring clamp.  Remove the spring clamp loosening the steel box.  Now pull forward slightly on the steel box and
 you'll note two cables attached to the rear of the steel box. These unhook easily by pullling the t-shaped ends away from the box - you'll know you've done it right because the cable will suddenly drop away.  Once you've removed both cables, you can totally remove the steel box.  There are four torx-head screws holding that clam-sheel steel box shut.  Once you've removed them, the circuit board is revealed.

BTW - a code is logged in the engine module after this operation about voltage being too low or some such.  It is just complaining that it lost electricity and the code can be safely cleared.  You may want to consider buying a Shadetree Software diag tool or a VAG-COM cable you can use with a laptop.  Even if you're not a mechanical person, it can really help when dealing with a shop if you already have a clue as to what codes are present when you are troubleshooting a problem.

My chip is attached to the main circuit board via a socketed connection (that is not stock) - some chip installers remove the stock chip and re-solder in the custom chip so it is quite difficult to swap chips (most people use multiple computers if they wish to switch programs but don't have a socketed circuit board).  I don;t know how common socketing is, but if yours is socketed, the chip will stand a good quarter inch off the main circuit board on an offset mini-board that contains the chip on one side and the pins that fit into the socket on the other side.  If it is a common custom chip, there will be a label on it telling you more about it (MTM, Giac, etc.).

To let you know how simple it is, once you've got the procedure down you can remove the computer and re-install it in 5-10 minutes easily.

Our Revo guy here (or at least one of them) can flash a Revo demo program to a stock chip - no problem ... I would wonder; a) why didn't your guy open the box and *look* at the chip and b) why can't he flash a demo on the stock chip?  As far as I know if the customer decides he likes the Revo program, he pays up and the dealer toggles the "your not a demo program anymore" bit and you're done.

PS. I don't think you can "scan" for what kind of chip it is.

--Steve just outside of  Denver

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Hey Guys,
I have a 2001 Nagaro blue S4 and I just bought it recently and I took it
to my mechanic to get it checked out and when he hooked up my chip to
his Revo computer it detected the chip but said it was not a Revo chip
so it could not do anything this is a little bit frustrating because I
thought I was driving my car with a chip and when he scanned it is
showed that it was in force to stock mode is there any way I can find
out what kind of chip I have with out going to every dealer around town
and getting them to scan my system?  Thanks so much 

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