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Don't need to jack the car, just have someone turn the steering wheel 
back and forth (engine off) while you look/listen at the tie-rod ends. 
They are easily visible above the wheels and you should be able to hear 
noise and/or see abnormal movement (the wheel and the tie rod arm should 
move as a 'solid' unit - no independent movement or 'clicks').

If you can't see anything and still suspect, put your hand on the joint, 
forefinger lying along the tie rod arm and thumb below the tie rod 
joint. You'll be able to feel abnormal movement before you can see it 
(be especially sure to have the engine OFF if you do this!)

You can also see the upper control arm bushings this way in case they're 
the culprit. Lower arms are a bit more hidden, but still feel-able.

-Mark Quinn
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> Thanks for the comments everyone. I found this discussion very  
> helpful. If you go the piece-by-piece route, how hard is it to figure  
> out specifically which front suspension links need replacing?
> Steve
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