[Biturbos4] Suspension Springs Available...

Greg Amy grega at pobox.com
Tue May 8 15:32:13 EDT 2007

I've got a set of brandy-new Helicoil suspension
springs for a B5-S4. I obtained these a few years ago,
probably ~2001 timeframe, from a friend of mine Mike
Prunty. According to Mike, they were special-made for
him by Helicoil (apparently he had friends there?) as
a prototype run.

All I know about them are:

- They're one-offs (?)
- They've never been installed
- They're powdercoated Helicoil blue
- Two (fronts?) have the markings "264-00" inked on
them, the other two are blank.

At one time I did know the spring rate on them, but I
seem to have lost that information long ago. I do
recall they were pretty intense, such that my late-30s
(then) body wasn't really interested (I decided on
stock springs and revalved Neuspeed Bilsteins

I happened to find these today in my garage attic;
seems a shame to have them lying around. If you, or
someone you know, are interested in these, contact me
with a reasonable offer and I won't have to bother
dealing with folks from Audiworld...

Greg Amy
Middletown CT

'00 Nogaro Blue sedan with 106k+ on the original
turbos, and still going strong...but if you've got an
S4 Avant you'd like to sell/trade, please let me know.

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