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Apologies if this is a duplicate message. The original appeared to  

I don't feel or hear anything when turning the steering wheel, just  
hear thunking when going over harsh bumps at relatively slow speeds,  
as in a gravel parking lot. Does that point to a specific link? Would  
those tests work for that case?

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On May 5, 2007, at 2:06 PM5/5/07, Mark Quinn wrote:

> Don't need to jack the car, just have someone turn the steering  
> wheel back and forth (engine off) while you look/listen at the tie- 
> rod ends. They are easily visible above the wheels and you should  
> be able to hear noise and/or see abnormal movement (the wheel and  
> the tie rod arm should move as a 'solid' unit - no independent  
> movement or 'clicks').
> If you can't see anything and still suspect, put your hand on the  
> joint, forefinger lying along the tie rod arm and thumb below the  
> tie rod joint. You'll be able to feel abnormal movement before you  
> can see it (be especially sure to have the engine OFF if you do this!)
> You can also see the upper control arm bushings this way in case  
> they're the culprit. Lower arms are a bit more hidden, but still  
> feel-able.
> -Mark Quinn
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>> Thanks for the comments everyone. I found this discussion very   
>> helpful. If you go the piece-by-piece route, how hard is it to  
>> figure  out specifically which front suspension links need replacing?
>> Steve

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