[Biturbos4] After-run thermoswitch modification

j.koenig koenigj at comcast.net
Fri Nov 16 10:31:12 PST 2007

I'll add my thanks to Ti for the heads-up.

Al, if I understand correctly, the mod just runs the pump at a lower temperature range. 
That shouldn't have any influence on the battery's ability to hold a charge while sitting, 
should it?  I think you had a bettery on its way out, and experienced a coincidence.

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From: "Al Adler" <adlere at sourcecodecorp.com>

Fyi all,
    Its a good mod for the engine- I did it a couple of years ago.
However, it does come with a downside. The stock battery that I
installed a few months before the mod died suddenly  recently, about a
year or 2 short of its normal life. I replaced it with an Odyssey that
should be able to take the load much better. Also it reduces the time
you can leave the car sitting without charging the battery to about a
week or so.


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