[Biturbos4] After-run thermoswitch modification

Matt matt at offsitens.com
Fri Nov 16 11:37:38 PST 2007

I "upgraded" my sensor about 2 years ago.  I only drive my car 3 or 4 times a month and it sits for 2 to 3 weeks at a time.  No 
problems with the battery here.

I'm in Austin, so cold temps really don't come in to play.


On Fri Nov 16 13:00 , Al Adler  sent:

>I guess if you use your car daily it wouldn't be that much of issue. I
>don't use the car daily or even weekly sometimes so I have examined the
>situation in more detail. Its a pretty hefty pump and the radiator fan
>also runs as well. Based on my back of the envelope calculations that I
>did I'd estimate that the whole setup uses about 20-30 % of the 70 AH in
>the stock battery before it turns off. If your battery isn't fully
>charged to begin with(my car doesn't get a lot of use), you can run the
>battery fairly far down that way which will shorten the life of an old
>school battery like the stock battery. Plus then there is that much less
>juice in the battery to support the parasitic loads of the alarm and
>other hot circuits while the car sits so then they run the battery down
>further than is good for long life. I replaced the stock battery with an
>Odyssey AGM battery, they're designed for that sort of use. Not quite an
>exact fit though...
>As always,
>j.koenig wrote:
>> I'll add my thanks to Ti for the heads-up.
>> Al, if I understand correctly, the mod just runs the pump at a lower temperature range. 
>> That shouldn't have any influence on the battery's ability to hold a charge while sitting, 
>> should it?  I think you had a bettery on its way out, and experienced a coincidence.
>> John
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>> From: "Al Adler" adlere at sourcecodecorp.com>
>> Fyi all,
>>     Its a good mod for the engine- I did it a couple of years ago.
>> However, it does come with a downside. The stock battery that I
>> installed a few months before the mod died suddenly  recently, about a
>> year or 2 short of its normal life. I replaced it with an Odyssey that
>> should be able to take the load much better. Also it reduces the time
>> you can leave the car sitting without charging the battery to about a
>> week or so.
>> YMMV,
>> Al 
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