[Biturbos4] After-run thermoswitch modification

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I did this mod too, many years ago.  The wisdom seems straightforward but I've had a number of people bring up the after-run pump failure potential as a negative.  I like to think that the exercise it gets from the new temp switch is better than it sitting idle ....

For what its worth, my after-run pump has held up well.  It kicks on after every drive.  I like the feeling that there is *some* cooling circulation going on after the car is shut off.  I've read other feedback on this that the coolant does not circulate through the turbos, so what good is it ... I guess there is a programming mod that will pump the oil after shutdown???  Some have said this is a better concept for turbo cool down post shitdown.  I, of course, no little to nothing about the engineering aspect of it all - but surely the coolant circulation helps bleed ambient heat from the engine and compartment thus lending a overall cooldown at an accelerated rate from not performing the mod.

My battery did fail last year, but this was after a loooong period of no use - throuigh the winter.  The car was buried in many feet of snow - one day I heard the alarm going off - it was kind of eerie, weakly honking in the depths of all that snow.  Apparently the weak battery was causing a number of anomolous reactions - my cluster was displaying pure nonsense and the car wouldn't even pretend to turn over when I tried the ignition.  I did not lose my radio code though - so I guess there was a bit 'o charge left in her.

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Hi all,

I replaced my S4's after-run system thermoswitch today with a lower
temp unit as described in this Audiworld article:

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