[Biturbos4] After-run thermoswitch modification

Rob Cheng rcheng at mindspring.com
Sat Nov 17 15:15:12 PST 2007

>Maybe it is just a "feel good" mod, but it certainly doesn't hurt anything
and could only do _some_ good, significant or not.

I installed the lower temp switch when I went stage 3, and the underhood
temps definitely go down after the fans have run for a while.  I've got the
APR bi-pipe which is aluminum, and the fan cools it nicely after a while.
Before installing the new thermo switch, it was still too hot to keep your
hand on it after the car sat for 15 minutes.  If coolant is being pumped
through the radiator, and the fans are blowing hot air, then the engine must
be getting cooler.  Whether it's enough to prolong the life of any of the
components is another story.

'00 S4, 6spd, Stage 3

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