[Biturbos4] Time for timing belt... what else?

Chris Newbold chris at newbold.org
Mon Oct 22 13:05:41 PDT 2007

On 10/22/07, Aurangzeb M. Agha <ama at mltp.com> wrote:

> Just noticed you roll in 2001.5 S4.  The marker for the timing belt change
> is 100K (according to the maintenance doc I have).  Are you just wanting
> to get this done early to be safe?

Thanks for the note.

I was aware that the factory interval is 100K (or it it 105K?).
However, it is pretty common knowledge among mechanics and owners
that, although the timing belt itself will easily last that long, many
of the components surrounding it-- like the water pump and belt
tensioners-- often fail much earlier. Failure of any of these
components will take out the belt and the top-end of the motor...

My water pump bearings are already starting to make sick gerbil noises
when cold, so the handwriting is on the wall...

2001.5 S4 Avant 6spd

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