[Biturbos4] Audi

Wilson Northrup northrup at crazybug.com
Mon Oct 22 20:47:13 PDT 2007

> i ended up trading my s-4 for the x-3 and they only
> gave me $16k (just covered what i owed the bank) for
> my s4 with about 73k miles on it.  it was in excellent
> condition with a set of winter wheels thrown in.
> bastards.  do the audis still have a less than
> favorable trade in value?

http://kbb.com will show you what things are worth.  generally as an 
enthusist car you can get a bit more.  In addition you can get more by 
selling as opposed to trading in.  Online sites (i use autotrader mostly) 
work quite well.   BMW tends to hold its value better than audi.  Honda 
also holds value better. There are reasons to buy, and not to buy any 

the audi brand is getting a better reputation from before, but it's an 
uphill climb.

> soon the lease on my x-3 will lapse and am thinking
> audi again.  any recommendations (rs-4)?  would a

i dunno, maybe, if you want a fast awd 4 door sedan?  Maybe for whatever 
reason you prefer audi and that's enough?  Probably some requriements are 
in order if you want a real answer.

> lease be better given that i broke even on the trade
> in the last time.  also why does audi not cover
> scheduled maintenance like the bmw?

Probably no one here can answer that... if you want that to change, you 
should probably write AoA a letter & send via the post office.

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