[Biturbos4] Stumbling 2001 S4

Osman Parvez osmanparvez at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 17:20:08 PDT 2007

Hi All,

It's been more than a few years since I've posted.  Perhaps a few of you
recognize my name.   What can I say, I miss you guys..... and I need your
advice.  It's on my father's 2001 S4 with 84,000 miles.

It appears that he has an occasional power loss problem with the car.  It
occurs usually at a low speed when he isn't running any accessories.  If he
revs the engine with the clutch depressed, the engine seems to respond and
sound normally.  When this happens the ECP light comes on and stays on until
he shuts off the engine and restarts.   According to my Dad, the "heat" and
oxygen sensors have been replaced.  I think he must be referring to the
thermostat but maybe not.

Any thoughts appreciated (or links to threads).  I tried looking into the
archives but didn't find anything specific.

p.s.   Since I sold my 89 200tq to Dave Head, I've been without an Audi in
the stable.   However, a number of my quattro driving coworkers have been
giving me a bit of grief for having the moxy to parade around Colorado in a
turbo miata (for which I'm about to pull the trigger on some Hakka 4's).  If
I find my 80+ mile commute onerous this winter, I may be once again paying
homage to the Audi gods.

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