[Biturbos4] Startup Noise 2002 S4

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Fri Apr 4 07:36:48 PDT 2008

On my old A4 I got a funky noise at startup for a while. The noise only
lasted a few seconds tho - I'd say less than 5.  Waited long enough and it
turned out to be low power steering fluid.  I'm guessing the pump was
churning air and fluid but ???  Worth a look....

'84 ur quattro 20Vt
'01 S4

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When I start my car after it's been sitting for a while (morning or after
work) it makes a high pitched whirring/grinding sound from the left side of
the engine for about a minute, after that it stops. It runs and drives fine.
If I rev the motor while it's making this sound, the tone does not change at
all, it stays constant. Because it stays constant I don't think it's turbo

Any ideas what this may be?

Scott G. Long
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