[Biturbos4] G62 Sensor

Nicholas Mistry nick at mistry.com
Thu Apr 24 14:19:10 PDT 2008

John, thanks for all advice...   Like you suggested, I am planning to  
replace the sensor, o-ring, and clip all at the same time.     Will  
grab a few extra clips just to be safe.

Where did you end up ordering your parts?   Dealer or something like  

Im not too shocked about the sensor going bad after 44k miles.  I  
really don't drive my S4 as often as i would like.  I am frequently  
traveling abroad for months at a time, and when I am actually back we  
try to put as many miles on my wife's Z4 to maximize the milage on her  
lease before it expires next year.    I think the S4 is just symptoms  
of the lack of TLC she usually gets when i am around.

Speaking of neglect,  the other project that i have been  
procrastinating is the replacement of my leaking washer pump.   
Supposedly they are notorious for cracking, and a pain in the A** to  

On Apr 24, 2008, at 12:35 PM, j.koenig wrote:

> I think I paid $20 for the sensor, for what it's worth.
> Mind you, I'm talking about replacing mine after 120k, not 44, but I  
> strongly recommend planning to replace the plastic retainer clip  
> that holds the sensor in place.  They take a bit of tugging to get  
> loose, and get brittle and can easily break.  I think they're ~$1,  
> even from the dealer.  Cheap insurance against being stuck in your  
> garage with a broken clip.
> Don't be too dismayed if the sensor and well-seated O-ring also take  
> a bit of force to remove.
> Also, make sure you have a suitable tool (that gets a proper grip)  
> for the clamp on the downstream end of the flexible intake hose, and  
> that you get the hose and the short rubber sleeve properly aligned  
> and sealed all around when you're putting it back on.
> Good luck.
> John
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Nicholas Mistry" <nick at mistry.com>
> Has anyone replaced theirs?    Thought i would ask before i attempt  
> it this weekend, in case there was something i need to watch out for.
> Thanks..
> -N
> ps, already checked the connection to the sensor..  seemed solid and
> clean.

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