[Biturbos4] G62 Sensor

Brent Henry thehenrys at sympatico.ca
Thu Apr 24 17:22:54 PDT 2008

I know that there is a very detailed description of the washer pump
replacement.  As I had to replace mine just last month.  And it wasn't that
hard a job, just lots of moulding screws to remove.  The best way to access
it is through the driver side wheel well.
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> John, thanks for all advice...   Like you suggested, I am planning to
> replace the sensor, o-ring, and clip all at the same time.     Will
> grab a few extra clips just to be safe.
> Where did you end up ordering your parts?   Dealer or something like
> clairparts?
> Im not too shocked about the sensor going bad after 44k miles.  I
> really don't drive my S4 as often as i would like.  I am frequently
> traveling abroad for months at a time, and when I am actually back we
> try to put as many miles on my wife's Z4 to maximize the milage on her
> lease before it expires next year.    I think the S4 is just symptoms
> of the lack of TLC she usually gets when i am around.
> Speaking of neglect,  the other project that i have been
> procrastinating is the replacement of my leaking washer pump.
> Supposedly they are notorious for cracking, and a pain in the A** to
> replace.
> On Apr 24, 2008, at 12:35 PM, j.koenig wrote:
> > I think I paid $20 for the sensor, for what it's worth.
> > Mind you, I'm talking about replacing mine after 120k, not 44, but I
> > strongly recommend planning to replace the plastic retainer clip
> > that holds the sensor in place.  They take a bit of tugging to get
> > loose, and get brittle and can easily break.  I think they're ~$1,
> > even from the dealer.  Cheap insurance against being stuck in your
> > garage with a broken clip.
> > Don't be too dismayed if the sensor and well-seated O-ring also take
> > a bit of force to remove.
> > Also, make sure you have a suitable tool (that gets a proper grip)
> > for the clamp on the downstream end of the flexible intake hose, and
> > that you get the hose and the short rubber sleeve properly aligned
> > and sealed all around when you're putting it back on.
> > Good luck.
> > John
> >
> >
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> >
> > Has anyone replaced theirs?    Thought i would ask before i attempt
> > it this weekend, in case there was something i need to watch out for.
> >
> > Thanks..
> > -N
> > ps, already checked the connection to the sensor..  seemed solid and
> > clean.
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