[Biturbos4] Climate control button stuck

j.koenig koenigj at comcast.net
Tue Apr 29 06:10:31 PDT 2008

I was amazed, but I've seen this work for freeing up buttons that are sticking because of 
beverages spilling out of the cupholder, etc:

1) Use a clean, coarse cloth, something like terrycloth, etc.
2) Soak the cloth with very hot water, as hot as you can stand to hold on to (gloves?)
3) Press and hold the cloth up against the CC controls and allow the heat and moisture to 
4) Manually 'exercise' the buttons to free them, help free up the goo
5) Rinse and repeat

The idea is that the heat and moisture will disolve the offending crap, and the now 
moveable stuff will wick into the fibers that are reaching into the cracks. I was 
skeptical, but it worked for me, and no problems since.

If yours has been sprayed with Armor-All (I can't imagine why), I could imagine that this 
method might not work.  Good luck!


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Have any of you had a problem with your climate control head unit?  The buttons on mine 
like to stick (so do some of the buttons on my radio).  This morning I turned the heat on 
low because it was cold out and I pushed the vent selector and the floor selector.  The 
floor selector button is stuck pushed in, and now it locks out all the other buttons.  I 
can't even turn this off without pulling the fuse.  This has happened before and it 
usually works it's way back out, but it is an annoying problem.  Since the unit 
technically works, I don't want to spend the money to replace it.  I'd like to clean it 
somehow if I could.  I believe the dealer sprayed armor all on it and the liquid got in 
behind the buttons.  Some of the buttons "click" like they are sticky when I push them 
such as the temp up and down and the fan up and down.  But the low vent button is the only 
one that always sticks.  It's quite annoying.

Scott G. Long 

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