[Biturbos4] Annoying Issues with 2001 S4 6-spd

Joel Liggins quickaudi at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 17:55:27 PST 2008

#1.  Team Doorhandle strikes again!!!  I believe you have to order the entire handle latch assembly and replace it.  Some random piece of plastic has broken, iirc.  Mine does the same thing; I am just not wanting to tear into the door yet.

#2. Probably need to adjust the switch that recognizes that the clutch is actually engaged.


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1.  The driver?s door handle on the inside has come loose to the point that
it now splays out about a quarter-inch at rest.  So far, the door still
opens normally and it doesn?t seem to be ready to fall off, but I?m
wondering if there?s something I can/should tighten or whether there?s a
piece broken inside (a spring perhaps)?


2.  When I push the clutch in to start the car, sometimes the starter won?t
engage (because of the safety) and I have to ?stand? on the clutch pedal
before it goes.  As this is getting progressively worse, I was wondering if
there?s something I can adjust myself or whether it?s a job for trained Audi
mechanics only.  (I?m not much of a ?wrench? but expect this safety is
implemented mechanically.)


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