[Biturbos4] Check engine light

Steven Lin steven at juniper.net
Mon Feb 25 17:18:22 PST 2008

David Bray writes:

> Gentlemen,
> I have the same car ('01 S4, 6 spd, Oct '00 build date) with less than 60k
> miles (about 95,000 km) and a similar problem.  I never accelerate hard when
> the car is cold, but 3 times (twice last winter and once this winter), when
> I accelerated hard with the engine and oil up to normal operating
> temperature, but the ambient temperature below freezing (say, -10 degC), CEL
> would occur (resets after 3 starts).  Other than this, I haven't noticed any
> loss of power or smoothness, hard starting, etc.

> When I had it checked (I don't have VAG com), I was told it was an 'engine
> misfire'.

> Would it be useful to run some injector cleaner through it?  One mechanic
> suggested changing fuel filter and/or plugs.

It wouldn't hurt to change the plugs, especially if they haven't been
changed recently.  I'm no mechanic but I was able to change them
without too much difficulty.  The fuel filter, I hear, is a PITA to

Steven Lin
Juniper Networks

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