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Dude, Sorry u got ripped off so badly!

If you had spent $200 and bought VAG-COM, you would have diagnosed your O2 sensor problem yourself and then could have gone to a reputable independent mechanic and told them your problem and get a quote to repair. Faulty/bad O2 sensors will not kill your S4 in the short term (a few weeks w/CEL), your S4's computer would compensate for the bad O2 reading when calculating the proper air/fuel mixture at idle and part-throttle - when it uses the O2 sensors. 

Also, there is nothing special about O2 sensor install, regardless of the car's make/model. A single aftermkt O2 sensor retails for about $125 (USD), you were charged 2x (depending on the exchange rate) plus labor - wow!!!. Plus, it doesn't take 2 hrs to install an O2 sensor, it's a 1 hr job at best, but your bill reflects a 2 hr bill rate in the USA (depending on the exchange rate) - again - major rip-off!!! - If you have any future repairs before selling the S4, visit a local reputable independent shop that works on german cars, I know that you will save major $$$$

You might want to go to ross-tech.com and purchase VAG-COM, if u decide to purchase an Allroad or keep the S4 in the future, it's worth the cost - it saved me tons in repair bills. Why? - Because I know the source of my problem and don't have to rely on some lying stealership!

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Hey Folks!

I want to thank everyone who replied to my queries.  Due to both a lack of
time and continuing cold weather, I decided to just drop off my car at the
“stealership” and get them to address a couple of the more pressing issues,
the driver’s door latch (for obvious reasons) and the CEL, since not
correcting it carried a high risk.

The cost to replace the driver’s door latch was 81.69 for the part + 101.50
for labour = 183.19, plus tax for a total cost of $207.01.

To diagnose and correct the CEL, which apparently was caused by a faulty O2
sensor, 278.28 for the part + 203 labour = 481.28, plus tax for a total cost
of $543.85.

Grand total = $750.86 (All figures in Canadian dollars.)

At these prices, I was glad I decided not to worry about the intermittent
clutch starter-lockout, for now.

Anyway, if there was any lingering doubt left about continuing to deal with
this dealer, all of it was removed this time!!  

After making an appointment and dropping off my car at 07:30, I asked them
to give me an estimate before starting any work.  But when I didn’t hear
from them at noon, I called and was told they still hadn’t got it in.
Suffice it to say that all day, I had to bug them to move my job along or
get any status or information.  Also, I had arranged my own ride to work,
but clearly told them I needed a ride back to the dealership at 16:00.  The
ride didn’t show until 17:40.  Upon arriving at the dealership, I was
charged an extra hour’s labour (101.50 + tax) above what I was quoted.
(Yes, the above figures apparently weren’t inflated enough!)  The clerk
proceeded to argue with me, whereupon the service advisor joined in,
itemizing each part and labour charge.  Of course, once this blow by blow
proceeded, it became clear that they HAD in fact made a mistake, since the
itemization matched the quoted value I had recorded, not the invoiced

They made no offer to compensate me for the troubles or for the extended
wait I had endured, but of course, did adjust the invoice, saying “Well, at
least we admit our mistakes.”  Yeah, right … not easily, nor politely!

Hey, I’m not saying I expect perfection, but EVERY time I deal with these
clowns, something gets messed up, and they’re not the least bit sympathetic,
much less apologetic.

Unfortunately, they’re the ONLY Audi dealer within a couple hours drive, so
while that persists, it’s no more Audi’s for me!  Too bad because as a
believer in all-wheel drive, this is my 3rd Audi (and 2nd S4).  In fact, our
other vehicle is a Subaru and had I been treated better, it would likely
have been an Allroad.  At this point, I’m planning to unload my S4 this
spring for an STi.

Anyway, sorry for my rant, thanks again, everyone, and best of luck.



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