[Biturbos4] (no subject)

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Sat Jan 12 20:04:38 PST 2008

Shaun Blair writes:
> i just joined the mailing list and i was wondering if anyone knows how to m=
> ake 235 45-17's fit on my 2000 S4,  the stock size is 225 45 17 and i have =
> been told i cant fit 235's  , if i use a adaper will it work, what size ada=
> per 5mm? or do i have to roll my fenders or something? =

I have 235/40-18 tires and 18x8J ET45 B6 S4 wheels on my 2001.5 S4.
I used 5mm H&R hubcentric spacers (and matching longer wheel bolts)
to make everything fit without rubbing.  No fender work was needed.

You'll probably need to use similar spacers for your application.


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