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When I bought my 2001 S4 new. it came with Bridgestone RE040 225/45-17's,
as did most of the 2001's, as I understand.

At the same time I ordered the car, I ordered a set of Michelin Pilot Sport
235/45-17's.  I had the dealer switch tires on the Stock Avus rims.  I've
had no problems with clearances either front or rear, including turning
full lock.
I do know not all 235/45-17's are created equal, however.  There may be
some make/brands that size that will cause interference.



'01 CQ
'01 S4

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> Date: 1/12/2008 9:17:27 PM
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> i just joined the mailing list and i was wondering if anyone knows how to
make 235 45-17's fit on my 2000 S4,  the stock size is 225 45 17 and i have
been told i cant fit 235's  , if i use a adaper will it work, what size
adaper 5mm? or do i have to roll my fenders or something? 
> thanks ,
> shaun
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