[Biturbos4] Lack of heat in B5 series car - any thoughts? (commonproblems, etc)

B HENRY thehenrys at sympatico.ca
Wed Jan 16 16:33:21 PST 2008

Had a similar problem with my wifes 2000 S4... we diagnosed it down to the 
heater core itself being clogged up... but we came up with an ingenious (and 
cheap solution)...although, probably temporary.

What we did is take the 2 hoses that feed the heater core (mounted on the 
firewall in the engine bay) and swapped them... basically having the air 
running the opposite way through the core!!!  This seems to have worked and 
maybe it will help free up some of the blockage.

If your configuration is the same, then give it a try it certainly doesn't 
cost anything, other then about 10 minutes work!

Brent Henry
2000 S4 Silver Tip
1997 S6 Pearl

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>Subject: [Biturbos4] Lack of heat in B5 series car - any thoughts? 
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>OK, its a Passat. and it isn't even mine.
>But a friend, who's a pretty fair mechanic, just bought a 2001 Passat
>for his son.  It should be very similar to B5 A4s and S4s in this
>regard, I assume.
>One problem is that the heat doesn't work - it blows stone cold air
>(I'm told).  They know the history of the car, and the owner says it
>was working normally one day, and totally gone the next. We suspect a
>mixture (cold/warm air) stepper motor died or a connection to it has
>a problem.  But i've not heard many complaints about this.
>Any wisdom? Common problems?  Things to check? Warnings?
>Thanks much,
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