[Biturbos4] No more S4: Parts for sale

DocWyte docwyte at comcast.net
Thu Jan 17 06:27:09 PST 2008

Saw your thread on AW, what did you expect?  You totally slammed the car 
in an S4 enthusiast forum.  To me it sounds like you had more of a 
failing on the dealer/repair side than the car.  That said, an Audi (any 
Audi) is certainly not a Toyota/Lexus on the reliability index.  Sorry 
you had a bad experience (both my S4's have been completely reliable, as 
was my wife's 1.8T Passat (A4)) and hope your Lexus is everything you want.

How much for the touch up paint?

DrScience wrote:
> Compared to Audiworld this list is incredible. Lots of helpful info and 
> honest people. Thanks to everyone for all the help I've gotten. Always 
> thought Audiworld was controlled by Audi and now I'm sure. When I posted 
> my complaint about Audi's lack of reliability, I was first attacked, 
> then thread was purged.
> Bought my 01.5 S4 new in 4/01, could have been an 02 if I titled it 1 
> month later. Have been totally disappointed in this car, because I was 
> always fixing it for too many little things. And Rockville Porsche Audi 
> is terrible and dishonest. Will be taking them to sm. claims over poor 
> repairs, lying  and warranty denials (after they agreed to repair 
> it).One example is when they replaced the front brakes under my 
> maintenance contract and didn't even inspect the rear brakes that were 
> at their limits. I had almost all the common S4 faults/problems and I'm 
> finally tired of it. Ordered a Lexus IS-F. Cost $55K for a 4.4 sec, 0-60 
> .91 g and I get the best reliability in the industry. Those are R* specs 
> for half the price. The B5 S4 is a gorgeous looking car inside and out, 
> but honestly Lexus has caught up, at least on the inside (heated and 
> COOLED leather seats). Still a little too japanese tacky on the outside 
> IMO, but a car is to drive not simply look at, so I'll smile as I drive 
> it. Have a lot of parts for sale  and my S4. Car details: 01.5 Santorin 
> Blue, with lux, sunroof, Bose, cold weather, B5 S4 with  50.1K. Always 
> changed the oil with Mobil 1 every 5 K. When anything broke I fixed it  
> right immediately. Car has 2 -3 year old New German trans (replaced 
> under warranty) with Toy Guy shifter, so it may be best shifting S4 
> around. New brakes at 40K, and more. Great car for modding. Does have a 
> small dent in the p. door, courtesy of my neighbor.
> The following parts are for sale:
> 4 OEM wheels, 3 in perfect condition, 1 w/scratch
> 4 Center wheel caps
> Audi car cover: w 4 rings, never used
> 3 cargo nets, 1 original, 2 with extra storage compartment
> CPU, M (upgraded to T, by AUDI) with APR  chip/ stock, 93 octane, 5.1 
> program, theft,
> stock shifter
> cover with Audi rings, never used
> OEM S4 literature
> Santorin touch-up kit w/clear coat
> Bentley  manual
> Omori/AWE (bulbs repaired) boost guage w/ apillar pod
> I'm outside DC. New car arrives in 6-10 weeks.
> Bob
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