[Biturbos4] Lack of heat in B5 series car - any thoughts?(commonproblems, etc)

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Has anyone attempted this
with a 1988 or closer Audi 80Q 5 cyclinder?? I am unsure if the "check valve"
mentioned in a previous post exist in this car. I am a of course
tempted to try this but worry that it will be adverse.

Thoughts or add-ons!!!


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Absolutely, as with everything on these forums there is always an element of 
"try at your own risk".  However, this procedure was recommended to me by a 
very experienced Audi mechanic, who has tried it on a few other 2000 S4's 
with good success and we have also had good success now... 3 months of hot 


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>Careful with this one.  Many heater cores have a back check valve that will
>not allow a reverse flush to happen. I went through this on my '91 200 20
>valve when the wrench bender installed the hoses reversed, and blew out the
>core. If you shake a new core, you can hear the valve rattling.
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