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mike mikemk40 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 17 18:17:33 PDT 2008


Thanks for the response but I don’t really see what 
“am I in the usa” has to do with it, and even if it is
important the fact that the question was about a ’99
S4 Avant gives you the answer.

It was a FA question rather than a B5 question.

I’m subscribed to 4 Audi lists, based on cars I’ve
owned over the years.

I read them, on the rare occasion I have something
sensible to contribute then I do, the rest of the time
I keep quiet to avoid clogging the web up with
pointless responses. 

If I need some help I post to the most appropriate
list, if it’s a B5 S4 specific question it goes to
biturbos. In this case because it was a general FA
type question (and urgent) it went to all four. If
this has offended you I’m sorry

Thanks again for the response


--- Bruce Mendel <brucem105 at comcast.net> wrote:

> Are you in the USA? If so, there is no 1999 S4
> Avant. And hitting every list
> with this question does not make much sense.....you
> should find out which
> list serves the B5 owners (if that's what you have)
> or just go to the forums
> in Audiworld.
> Bruce
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> Subject: [s-cars] FA question
> Guys
> I have a '99 S4 Avant with a loose ball joint on the
> front. There are kits available for the A4  that
> include all the arms and links etc but I'm not sure
> if
> there are differences between the A4 & S4. Parts in
> question are front and rear upper links, front &
> rear
> lower links, anti roll bar droppers and the steering
> rack ends.
> Could someone with a working copy of the FA please
> have a look and let me know which bits are common
> and
> which are unique to the S4.
> A list of part numbers would be particularly
> appreciated.

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