[Biturbos4] Tracks near San Antonio, TX

Tom burgess-s4 at att.net
Fri Mar 21 05:43:45 PDT 2008

At the risk of sounding like a commercial,   I live near Texas World 
Speedway in College Station.  I started tracking in my Audi A4, 10 years 
ago with The Driver's Edge.   At that time it was the only non-(brand 
name)-enthusiast group.  The welcome all cars, with a great deal of 
instruction for the new drivers.  Their instructors come from a wide 
variety of cars, so they can match an instructor to your car.  I don't 
know your level of driving, but with experience with the group leads to 
being Soloed where you do not need an instructor with you.

The Drivers Edge uses 2 main tracks, TWS and the MotorSport Ranch south 
of Fort Worth.   They are bringing another track to their mix of tracks 
soon, near Denton.

On the flip side, they tend to have a LOT of people/cars at their 
events, and sometimes you will find that the track gets crowded.

TWS Motorsports Club is not as crowded,  there is a bit more total track 
time for the weekend. The level of instruction is similar.  The TWS 
track is in use most every weekend,  from the various DE events, to some 
SCCA and Vintage Racing, as well as some Motorcycle events (including 
Education events).

 Porsche and BMW also have open events, but I have never attended one of 
the club events.

I hope this has helped, and not sounding much like a commercial, since 
I'm just a user of both opportunities.


Nicholas Mistry wrote:
> Tom, those are great suggestions,   Have you had any experience with 
> any of these events?
> Distance is not really a big deal for me... I am willing to drive to 
> austin, dallas or houston if need be.
> -N
> On Mar 20, 2008, at 5:56 AM, Tom wrote:
>> There are no Audi Club events scheduled that I know of in Texas.   
>> How far do you consider close?  (by Texas Standards.)
>> There are tracks in the DFW complex, with HP Drivers Education 
>> events  run by  The Driver's Edge(  http://www.thedriversedge.net )  
>> and in the College Station area there is the Texas World Speedway 
>> that hosts many HP DE events,  run by various car clubs and the 
>> Motorsports club at TWS.  ( http://www.texasworldspeedway.com )   
>> Porsche and BMW also sponsor DE events, and they are open to all cars.
>> There is also a track in South Houston, but I am not familiar with 
>> what sort of DE events it has.
>> Tom
>> Nicholas Mistry wrote:
>>> This summer I plan on putting my S4 back on the track.  I have been  
>>> looking around for ones  near the San Antonio area and have only 
>>> come  up "Driveway" in austin <http://www.drivewayaustin.com>.      
>>> Does  anyone have some feedback on this one, or any suggestions of 
>>> other  tracks in the area?
>>> Thanks
>>> -N
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