[Biturbos4] can i run 235/40/17's on my 2000S4

j.koenig koenigj at comcast.net
Thu May 1 10:48:16 PDT 2008

Rob doesn't say what the offset was on those 8.5 in. wheels -- that will make a 
difference, too, as to whether things will rub.

245/40x17 is closer to the overall diameter of the OE package, and more desireable for 
that reason.

I mean no personal offense, but there is the expression that the best upgrade one can make 
for track driving is to improve the part behind the wheel.  More seat time, instruction, 
etc., would likely do more for improving track performance that an extra 10mm of section 
width in the tires.


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thanks fro the reply,,, im  pretty sure it will be fine for me to do this i just have to 
keep in mind this will lower my car even more and it will make my ridi stiffer and buppier 
also.  i think it will do better on the track though.   i dont understand why you had to 
raise the height when you went wider to the 245/40-17 , from the 235/40-17???

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> FWIW, I ran 235/40-17 on 8.5" rims on a lowered S4 (~25.5" FR fender height) with no 
> issues.  245/40-17 on the same wheel required me to raise the ride height a little.
> On the stock 7.5" rim the tire will be pinched a little which certainly will help to 
> prevent rubbing.
> Rob

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