[Biturbos4] Drivers door catches

Long, Scott G A1C USAF AFMC 88 SFS/S4W Scott.Long2 at WPAFB.AF.MIL
Fri May 2 10:25:41 PDT 2008

9 times out of 10 I have to pull it twice to open from outside.  Every
once in a while it opens first pull.

It was fine during winter, but now that its 70's it has started.

I think it's a linkage issue though because it always opens fine from
inside first pull.

I assume the outside handle has a sepreate linkage to the latch than the
inside handle does.  I am wondering if I should take it to a body shop
and have them replace the linkage.  Or if Audi dealer would be a better
option?  Any chance there was a recall for this issue? 

Scott G. Long

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Hi Scott --

I'm having the exact same problem.  I notice this happens the most when
the weather starts to warm up.  I saw it first as last summer was
starting, but as it cooled down, it went away, only to start again a few
weeks ago.

The problem is pretty annoying, as some times it takes three or four
"tries" to open the door from the outside--usually, finally, I can open
it without it catching, but one time I tried so many times I had to
finally get in from the passenger's side.

I have an '01 B5.



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I should have said from the outside.  From the inside it takes two
pulls, that's normal.  But from the outside if I unlock the door and
pull up on the handle, it opens a bit and catches the latch.  You know
when you shut the door but it's not fully closed?  That's where it goes
when I open it.

If the car is unlocked and I'm inside, one pull on the interior handle
opens the door fine.  It seems like the linkage for the exterior handle
may need to be adjusted.  I'm not sure if this is a common problem for
B5 doors, or if I'm just unlucky?

Scott G. Long
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