[Biturbos4] brake caliper slides / guide pins - NEVERMIND

Grant Lenahan glenahan at vfemail.net
Sat May 3 10:52:36 PDT 2008

I figured it out, or, more accurately, i took the plunge and pulled  
one apart.

The rubber guides / bushings come out surprisingly easily.  They also  
go in easily. I lubricated it by coating the outside with brake fluid  
- that way there would be no question about compatibility with other  
rubber, such as the piston seals.

The old guide pins were quite rough. At the most exposed end, they  
had a buildup of crud that would not easily come off. So oi used the  
new guide pins as well.  These should be coated by a high temperature  
moly-based brake lubricant / grease. I bought one made by CRC for  
about $6. It should last me a lifetime.

The caliper "floated" much more freely once that was done.

incidentally, the spring clips holding the pads to the caliper on the  
C4 ATE front rotors are a PITA to put back. Is there a trick?

Another FYI - i made handy dandy brake fluid line caps out of 1) a $2  
piece o f brake line ( cut off an end and crimped the line shut) and  
an old flexible brake line ( pretty much the same, but sealed that  
with an old bolt).  Handy.


On May 3, 2008, at 10:12 AM, Grant Lenahan wrote:

> On the floating calipers ( ate single piston), there is a rubber
> insert that encases the guide pin and forms the bushing.
> It presses into the caliper and comes as part of a new guide pin set.
> 1. Is there much benefit to replacing this, or is it sufficient just
> to clean the bushing and the guide pin and re-lube it?
> 2. If I do replace it, how does one get it out, and the new one in?
> Looks like a destructive process for the old one.
> thnx
> Grant
> ps: not on a B5. This is front of a C4
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