[Biturbos4] S4 suspension advice

Rhett Ennis rennis at bpcpa.com
Wed May 21 08:17:20 PDT 2008

I fully agree.  Good coil-overs are worth the expense.  Even if you only
plan on lowering a little bit.  

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Yeah that is whey I did not buy the Vogtland setup - the spring rates
very high for road use.  Depending on what the other options cost - I
Doc Wyte had some good suggestions - a different set of coilovers might
the ticket.  I personally _love_ the Stasis StreetSports.  You can set
close to stock - which is awfully high IMO - and the are not stiff, good
damping - better damping than stock IMO.  They are only about $1000
install labor).  So maybe its $400-$500 more than just new struts and
springs - but well worth it I think.

'84 ur-quattro 20Vt
'01 S4  

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Hi all, my new to me '02 S4 came with the Vogtland/Koni sport suspension
(I think it's a 40mm drop). The height makes it handle and look really
but since I live in Boston, it's way too rough and it scrapes when going
into driveways.

The stock springs and shocks/struts have 65k on them. I'm thinking the
springs are fine, but the shocks are probably done. What's my best
for shocks with stock springs? I've heard oem's are $$$ and too hard to
So that leaves Bilsteins or Konis... any advice/experience with either

I would love to find lower than stock springs, but they'd have to be
half the drop. I don't think any springs out there do that... and I'd
not spend so much on buying coil-over's (and maintaining them). Any
much appreciated.


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