[Biturbos4] Door lock pump

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Wed May 21 12:41:31 PDT 2008

Brandon Rogers writes:
> Guys-
> I replaced my pump  with a used one - same P/N 257 N - now the locks and
> alarm work BUT the windows no worky.  When I attach my ProDiag, WSC on old
> unit is XX335, WSC on replacement is XX435 (can't recall first 2 numbers -
> 46?) Anyway - can WSC be recoded? Need a different replacement pump? TIA-

I had a central locking pump go south too, but instead of replacing
the entire pump box -- $$$$ new, and $$ even used, I followed the info
from this AudiWorld tech article and went to a local Pick-n-Pull
yard and dissected pump box from a '97 VW Jetta, and got just the internal
pump bit.  I transplanted it into my pump box -- total cost $8 and it's
working like a champ again.  No recoding of new pump necessary when done
this way.


The VW pump box part number is 1H0 962 257J and the internal pump
appears to be more robust than the B5 Audis'.


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