[Biturbos4] Phatbox help needed

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Mon Nov 3 13:44:11 PST 2008

mike mcclurg writes:
> My Phatbox recently stopped working and I need some help.
> I'm pretty sure the DMS cartridge itself is ok since it will still play through the cradle when hooked to my PC. It's just that the stereo in my car will not recognize it. Is it possible that the PHTSYS folder has been corrupted? Can someone email me a clean copy of the files on the PHTSYS drive so I can rebuild it? Will this work?
> It seems that the Phatbox site on the internet does not have the support information that it used to have.
> Thanks for the help!
> Mike
> rrrrraudi    at    yahoo    dot    com

Have you tried http://www.phathack.com ?
They have utilities that allow you to rebuild your DMS and do other
maintenance, and a forum of Phatbox users with a wealth of knowledge.


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