[Biturbos4] Throttle position sensor problem

Richard van der Hoff quattro at rvanderhoff.org.uk
Sun Nov 30 10:52:50 PST 2008


Wilson Northrup wrote:
> If the adaptatin of your TB works OK, and you're able to move through 
> the motion and see the sensors in VAG respond to pressing down the 
> pedal, those sensors are working.  if that is the case, then you may 
> have what i ran into, which was an intermittant connectivity problem.

It does look like an intermittent connectivity problem of some sort, and 
yup it could be in the harness rather than the sensor itself. I have 
prodded the harness around quite a lot in an attempt to replicate the 
fault ...

Anyway, the TB's been ordered now - it might as well go on there and 
we'll see how it goes...

Thanks for the tips.


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