[Biturbos4] Accelerating "thud"

j.koenig koenigj at comcast.net
Wed Feb 18 08:15:00 PST 2009

It's possible to damage tires, break belts, etc., without leaving any externally visible 
clues.  You may, in fact, have a bad tire.  First thing I would do is swap some around, 
probably front to rear, and see whether anything changes.

While I've never used them, FasTrack Automotive in Peabody is supposed to be very good, 
especially with wheel/tire/suspension/alighnment issues, and they know Audis. 

Good luck,

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Posting to this list about problems w/ my '01 S4 is getting tiring.  It seems that shortly 
after I broke 100K miles (now at 102.5k), its started to go down-hill and there seems to 
be something every couple of weeks. Anyone else see anything similar?

On a drive to Boston on Sunday, I noted that as I got over 45 MPH, I started to both hear 
AND feel a consistant "thud thud thud" coming from the (front?) of the car.  The sound 
only sped d up as I accelerated and slowed down as I decelerated.

I stoped to check all four of the tires to make sure there was nothing stuck on them 
causing the sound and minor vibration, and took it into my mechanic yesterday.  He drove 
it and said he noticed it, but couldn't tell what it was.  He balanced the front wheels 
for me, but afterwards, I felt the same thing--no improvement.

Boston's roads are notoriously bad in terms of condition--massive pot-holes, etc.  I've 
scheduled an alignment for this Saturday morning, however I'm pessimistic this will help 
much, as on the highway, the car drives in a straight line at 65 MPH w/o me touching the 

Anyone have any idea what this might be due to??

Thanks in Advance,


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