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Long, Scott G A1C USAF AFMC 88 SFS/S4W Scott.Long2 at WPAFB.AF.MIL
Mon Jan 26 07:50:16 PST 2009

White smoke is usually coolant burning out through the exhaust valves.
Causes... head gasket leaking.  However I'm not sure what climate you
live in, what the temps are, etc..  Usually a little smoke until the car
warms up is normal as it is water vapor and moisture burning out of the
exhaust.  If it's so bad you can't see the car behind you I wouldn't
drive it very far.  Have them run a compression check, that can help
identify which side's head gasket is leaking.  Also, check the oil,
because the coolant gets in the oil, washes the oil off the bearings,
and causes MAJOR bearing damage if you run the engine long with a popped
gasket.  A final clue would be low coolant light coming on, but not
seeing a puddle of leaking coolant under the car.

Based on your brief description, this may be your issue.  Check the oil
dipstick and see if the oil looks milky and watery.

Scott G. Long, A1C, USAF 
Client Support Administrator 
88th Security Forces Squadron 

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This is for an '01 S4.

Back story: On saturday morning, my car was working fine.  I had my oil 
change (not at my regular mechanic) and he suggested putting in ELF
than my standard, Mobil-1.  I drove the car home.

Did not drive the car on Sunday.

Started the car this morning, and got on the freeway (2 min drive).  As 
soon as I hit the accelerator, I had white smoke coming out of my 
tail-pipe, with more coming out as I accelerated.  There is *no* check 
engine light.

I'm taking my car in to the mechanic in a few hours.  Any thoughts on 
things I should tell him to consider looking at?


'01 Audi S4
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