[Biturbos4] White smoke

Mark R speedracer.mark at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 18:16:24 PST 2009

The oil is going somewhere.  Probably a turbo seal.  =(

Oh, and I might get flamed... but 7K miles between oil changes is far too
long for a 2.7 biturbo.  Personally, I recommend (and use myself) 3K mile
synthetic oil changes for turbo engines... and 5K for normally aspirated.
Except my Z06.  With high oil temps on the track, it gets changed after
every event.

Mark Rosenkrantz

On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 12:10 PM, Aurangzeb M. Agha <ama-list at mltp.com>wrote:

> Hi Greg --
> Yes, I am in fact somewhere very cold: just nort of you in Western Mass.
> This is really intersting.  Thanks!  I'm going to definately keep an eye
> out to see if this issue happens again (it's hard not to).  Here's what's
> happened since I last posted:
> I took my car to my regular mechanic, and after driving it around for a
> while and checking the car out, he called saying that basically there's no
> oil showing on the dip-stick.  This, after I'd gotten the oil changed just
> two days before.
> Here's *his* theory: Oil in the engine gets thicker as it's used more.
> Since it's been 7K since my last oil change *and* since it's been so cold,
> he thinks that after the oil was drained and the new (thinner) oil was put
> in, it "seeped into places the older, thicker oil hadn't been in" and this
> might have caused the huge smoke output.
> Does that sound legit?  I don't know.
> Does it work for me?  I drove the car around yesterday after more oil was
> put in the car (to top it off) and in to work this morning, without issue.
> So, for now, "yes".
>        Aurangzeb

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