[Biturbos4] Squeaking & Creaking

Grant Lenahan glenahan at vfemail.net
Mon Jun 8 21:10:59 PDT 2009

i have two thoughts:

1. its actually interesting that this occurred so soon after front end 
rebuild. What partof the rebuild might have been the cause, rather than 
the prevention?  Dunno.

2. sway bar links


Brandon Rogers wrote:
> Guys-
> Today my passenger side front suspension started to squeak and creak (S&C)
> very loudly whenever I turn the wheel to the right from center.  Does not
> S&C when returning to center, nor does it S&C when turning left or returning
> to center from left.  Only passenger side.  Now this particular side of the
> suspension was replaced about 90 days ago thanks to a little encounter with
> a curb during an ice storm. Seems a little early for control arm issues -
> but here we are.  I'll try to get somebody to help with a 2-person
> inspection tonight but in the meantime figured I'd blast some questions
> out...
> So anyway - plain old premature control arm death? Is there a particular one
> prone to this behavior?  bushing?  Any BTDT?
> TIA-
> Brandon 
> '01.5 S4
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