[Biturbos4] Interior door handle broken?

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Tue Mar 24 12:23:21 PDT 2009

Cool thanks for the info, Josh.
Do I have to remove the door card or can just the plastic handle "insert" be
Thanks again

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Very typical.  There's spring in there that holds the interior handle.  It's
broken.  The handle will still work fine, but the handle will flop around.
The fix is to buy a new interior handle, they cost $55 or so, takes 10-15
minutes to replace.

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Cross-posted to S4/A4 lists because it should be the same part/issue.  So
yesterday I pulled the interior door handle to open the door and get out -
heard a small snap.  Lever still functions but the chrome handle is loose in
the housing - looser than the other side at least.
Anybody had this issue before?  Any BTDT?
'01 S4
'84 ur-quattro 20Vt
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