[Biturbos4] S4 Dowpipes Install

Wilson Northrup northrup at crazybug.com
Thu Mar 26 15:19:19 PDT 2009

you want to do this during warm weather, or at least in a warm garage.  i 
tried to do it when it was about 20 degrees outside and broke a couple 
plastic clips.  annoying.

Also, getting the 02 sensors off can be difficult. you'll want a snapon 
crowsfoot 02 sensor socket or MAC tools, etc. point is, no junk.  I broke 
the first one in 30 seconds, then followed up with a snapon unit.

heat is nice for gettign those off too, if you have a torch (and know how 
to use it) that's ideal.

I was doing mine on jack stands on the garage floor. it's not exactly 

On Wed, 25 Mar 2009, Greg Amy wrote:

> Believe it or not, 8 years of ownership w/o a VAG-COM...honestly, the only thing I've ever needed was a basic code reader, and the only code I've ever seen is twice a "cats not heating up fast enough" on very cold days...I suspect I'm about to break that streak of good luck with mods...<grin>.
> I have access to a lift, just need to find free time on it.
> I found a couple of sites with install steps, but nothing in extreme detail. Just looks like a lot of twisting around in small places with big hands. Think this is a one-day job, or should I plan two?
> Greg
>> Greg... you DON'T have a VAG-COM?  OMG.
>> Yeah, they're a PITA to install.  Do you have a lift?
>> It's certainly
>> possible to do it without one... but....   =)
>> Congrats on the power!
>> Mark Rosenkrantz
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