[Biturbos4] Engine Cut-Out...

Greg Amy grega at pobox.com
Fri May 15 04:01:39 PDT 2009

> Had the same problem with my GIAC X-chip - turned out to be
> bad solder connections on ECM motherboard. If you have a
> socketed aftermkt chip don't discount this problem.

You may be on to something there. I installed an APR ECU (new) a month or so ago, and that's roughly the timeframe I noticed the first cut-out.

Since my last note, the car now won't start at all, just cranks. Received  the VAG-COM yesterday; first auto-run on the checks revealed a "18010 - Power Supply Terminal 30: Voltage too Low". When I tried to do a re-check it wouldn't connect. After dinner I tried again; it connected, I cleared all codes, and now I get a "Part No: THIS-IS-THE-" on the ECU check and "No Faults Found...or a communication error occurred".

Since the ECU is the only thing I've changed recently, that's where my attention lies. I'm not too worried about customer support from APR; the owner happens to be a friend of mine (I did data acquisition/driver coaching for the APR Koni Challenge team last year). But, it's a real PITA...

Unrelated side note: anyone have an airbag computer available? Mine died a couple of years ago in the cold weather; the VAG-COM checked reminded me to address the airbag light I've been ignoring since then. Also, VAG-COm revealed the following codes, things I've not noticed; any common problems to check?


01367 - Central Locking Pump Run Time Exceeded (Likely Leak) 
            35-00 -  - 
01370 - Alarm triggered by Interior Monitoring 
            35-00 -  - 
00991 - Interior Lights 
            28-00 - Short to Plus
00955 - Key 1 
            09-00 - Adaptation Limit Surpassed
00850 - Control Output Active; Radio Amplifier 
            29-10 - Short to Ground - Intermittent

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