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Sat May 16 07:09:58 PDT 2009

I'm finally ready to bite the bullet and buy a VAG-COM (only at 60k miles on 
2001 S4).  Any suggestions on what option/version to buy?

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> New prob on the '00 S4: engine dies randomly.
> It started a couple of weeks ago; I was cruising down the highway and 
> suddenly the engine cut out and the tach went to zero, then just as 
> quickly it came back. No CEL, and no codes with my generic code reader 
> (yep, I've gone 123k without a VAG-COM; ordering on this morning). Ran 
> fine for a week or so, then did the same cut out-back in once last week. 
> Same thing: no CEL, no code.
> Yesterday, however, on the way home from work it simply died. No warning, 
> just ignition dead, didn't come back. Key was still on, and there was 
> pwoer to the dash; fortunately I was on city streets so I simply coasted 
> to a stop. I was so surprised by it that I neglected to hit the clutch and 
> a few seconds later the low oil pressure warning came on.
> I tried to restart it; it turned over (starter and battery are good) but 
> wouldn't start. Third time it "caught" then immediately died, then 
> wouldn't start again. Finally, for whatever reason I decided to turn the 
> key on and let it sit for about 5 seconds, then when I hit the start it 
> ran. But, as I drove away it died again and I was stuck for another 2-3 
> minutes trying to start it.
> Then, when I tried to leave the house today, same problem: no start, but 
> when I let it sit with the key on for 5 seconds or so it would start 
> (could just be a coincidence. And it ran fine all the way to work...
> As noted, I'm ordering a VAG-COM this morning. However, until I get that 
> I'm looking for any similar experiences that anyone's had with this?
> Greg Amy
> Middletown, CT
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