[e//S2] S2 bumper - group purchase

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Wed Apr 23 22:01:17 EDT 2003

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Would anyone here be interested in joining a group purchase for an OE S2 fr=
ont bumper package (a la www.euro-audi-parts.com)? so far I have a few peop=
le interested and here's what I have from Europrice so far:

full package (includes hardware, brackets, fogs and turns)
$910 + $150-170 for shipping.

package without lights:
$630 + 150-170 for shipping

these prices (especially shipping) should go down with more orders. if anyo=
ne else has a source that can supply these OE bumpers - or a very good knoc=
k-off - , please let us know. I posted this on audiworld.com as well.



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