[e//S2] 1991 200 quattro

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I see 'em for 6000-7000, but you can never know about maintenance. I
considered putting the 7A in the car I get the 3B from. Still would be a
decent old folks car since my 7A has 70k miles.
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> Hi. I'm new to the list, migrated from the 20v list.
> I am researching and sourcing parts in order to do a conversion on my CQ.
> There are currently some cars on the market that could be donors at some
> point. My plan would be to buy one that could be driven for a while until
> am in the position of performing the full conversion. What is the average
> going rate for a 1991 200 Quattro sedan with lower 100k mileage and well
> maintained?
> Thanks, Pat
> '90 CQ
> '84 4kq
> Minneapolis, MN
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